Experienced Hospitality Technology Expert

Hiten is an experienced hospitality technology expert and business solutions provider who has been serving the hospitality industry and small business owners since 1992. Hiten has completed graduate studies in engineering and post-graduate programs on software technology & business management at India’s premier institution Indian Institute Of Technology, Bombay and Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He is the Founder of the CGS Group, a company that provides cutting-edge technology solutions to over 1200 hotels across the United States and thousands of small business owners in 40 countries. Hiten’s proprietary technology products and solutions for hotel owners enable them to provide a superior experience to their guests.

He has written hundreds of articles on hospitality technologies, business challenges, and strategies for improving performance and results. In the course of his career, Hiten has interviewed CEOs of leading Hotel chains such as Best Western, Choice, IHG, and Radisson, as well as many other leading hotel owners and operators. Hiten’s in-depth research and sharp observations help to forecast and shape hotel industry technology trends and the development of new technology solutions. Hiten is recognized as a trustworthy researcher, industry expert and respected author for his contributions to academic research related to hospitality technology and business solutions.

Hiten’s distinguished publication record includes the following:


Hiten has authored three books on human performance, action and inspiration. His books have been praised by leading business leaders and academicians.


Hiten’s articles have regularly appeared in India’s most widely read business community magazines, Kapol Mitra and Kapol Darpan, which represent the industrious and wealthy Kapol Community. His articles have also appeared in the popular business-to-business magazine Hotel Vikas, which is popular amongst Asian American Hoteliers.


Hiten regularly publishes scholarly articles on Linkedin Pulse, Medium and Academia.Edu. These articles are widely read and shared by business leaders and technology experts around the world.


Hiten has conducted extensive research in the fields of business, management and technology. His research papers demonstrate the depth of his understanding of the subject matter and extraordinary contribution to these respective fields.


Hiten is an expert on business, management, customer service, and technology trends. His books, articles and writings reflect this extensive expertise. His books have received critical acclaim from scholars and experts alike in the fields of business, management, and technology. His articles have also been published in important local and national newspapers in India. His scholarly work and original thinking have contributed to the success of senior business and political leaders across the world. Hiten’s writing has, in fact, created a paradigm shift in the way leaders view performance, team actions, circumstances and results. He is masterful in communicating business performance issues and key business ideas in the form of insightful stories.


Kapol Community magazines represent a connection to India’s most wealthy and industrious community. India’s richest community of business leaders belong to the Kapol Vaishnav Community. This relatively small, close-knit community and its culture has produced many of India’s foremost business leaders. Kapol Community magazines – Kapol Mitra and Kapol Samaj Darpan – are a staple publication for the nation’s top echelon of businessmen. As the following articles in India’s leading newspapers indicate, the vibrant and successful Kapol community is at the forefront of India’s business community; moreover, Kapol magazines enjoy a significant readership among business leaders around the country and beyond.

Hiten’s articles feature in these magazines frequently, and have created a new paradigm for performance, actions and results. Thanks to Hiten’s keen insight and expertise, his work provides refreshing new views for businesses to achieve higher levels of performance and expand business outcomes.

Academic researchers, business experts, successful entrepreneurs and performance experts alike have acknowledged the transformative power of Hiten’s fresh and insightful articles. By continually engaging the broader business community with provocative and challenging new ideas, his expertise has been demonstrated as essential to anyone who is serious about succeeding in business. One of his key ideas has been the notion that business managers’ VIEW of themselves and their work is a central factor which helps to determine their performance and results. This is a new paradigm of self-actualization that opens up new possibilities and opportunities for leaders to take productive action in changing how they approach their leadership roles and their work.


Hiten has authored three books. All three have made unique contributions, and are valuable resources for inspiring business leaders and community leaders. Hiten’s writing, at once scholarly and lucid, enables readers to create new views, discover new ways to approach their lives and business, and produce better results in their work and personal pursuits. Hiten’s books are available on Amazon.com; they’ve been read and enjoyed by thousands of business leaders and researchers. He is a member of the Author’s Guild and the All India Management Association.

Mindful Business:

This book challenges business leaders to realize that outside situations or resources do not determine human performance or business success. The engaging series of closely related essays takes the bold view that business leaders’ perception of their colleagues, close relationships and people around them are central drivers of their performance and results. This book invites business leaders to actively look for greatness in people around them, and in doing so to reinforce and build their own plan for success. This valuable book also includes workbook exercises for business leaders to create their own plans and put the book’s principles into action for themselves.

The Sacred Message

The Sacred Message includes inspiring stories of courage, commitment and vision. At the end of each story, the author includes encouragement and key insights so readers can translate the lessons from these stories into productive actions that can help them change their lives for the better. This book clearly illustrates that leadership is all about telling inspiring stories. Stories inspire and elevate teams to a new level of action and accomplishments. Hiten Bhuta, an accomplished storyteller, shows you how to use the power of a strong and effective narrative to shape your business’ success.

I See God In You

Religion and culture shape everyone’s upbringing, core values, and even daily habits. Media and certain destructive leaders leverage the differences between cultures, highlighting actual and imagined conflicts in order to create animosity. But divisiveness is not a sound strategy for businesses. In order to successfully reach markets all around the country and the world, business leaders need to work with teams that include people from different religious and cultural backgrounds. This book helps show you how, and includes inspiring real life stories along with an overview of core human values common across cultures. Hiten Bhuta’s insightful analysis sifts through the world’s major religions and finds the unifying messages within. This is an outstanding work that allows business leaders to be at ease with people from all cultures and to embrace our shared cultural values.