Business Enterprises

Hiten mentors and provides inspirational coaching to a range of business enterprises. Following are the list of business enterprises that Hiten has founded:

Global Information Technology Company

CGS Infotech

CGS Infotech is a global software and web services company that manages over 5000 customer’s projects in 40 countries since 1995. CGS Infotech’s mission is to create & deliver practical & innovative technology solutions eagerly needed and wanted by individuals & organizations and communities. 

Travel Technology Company

Cyberweb Hotels

Cyberweb Hotels is America’s leading Hotel Technology Company serving over 1200+ hotel clients across 50 cities since 1995. We generate millions of dollars of actual booking for our clients and create an outstanding reputation for hotel properties by managing social media profile, updating websites and building a brand on Tripadvisor. Cyberweb Hotels, team of 65+ full-time senior technology/branding experts and 600+ vendors deliver innovative website design, video commercial development, reviews management, social media managing, search engine optimization, hotel booking engine and hospitality software development services to independent hotel properties and franchisees of popular brands such as Best Western, Choice, Wyndham etc. Cyberweb Hotels Group is an authorized partner/ vendor of AAHOA, LPS, Google & Godaddy.

Hotel Magazine for American Hoteliers

Hotel Vikas

Hotel Vikas

It’s a hotel magazine for American Hoteliers. 

Information Technology Magazine


It’s a information technology magazine, that focuses on providing information about latest happenings in the world of Information Technology. 


Investment, Finance and Wealth Management

Isha Investments

Isha Investments

If you are looking for Investment , finance and wealth management related services, you have landed at the right place. Isha Investments has a team of professionals with years of expertise in providing consultation and services in these fields.