Following are some of the key insights that you may find valuable and useful:


Any situation, person, organization, experience or state that I am identified with has power over me.
I have power over any situation, person, organization, experience or state with which I am not identified.



Money does not give experience of abundance and richness.
Richness and experience of abundance arises when there is no desire and need.



Existence is in timeless eternity.
Time is the function of desire and ego.
If I have more desires, greater the need to have more time.



Fear is the most powerful instinct and emotion.
All organisms, identifications, thought-forms, habits, ideas and patterns want to survive, perpetuate and grow.
Any real or perceived threat to the survival of organism, identifications, thought-forms, habits, ideas or patterns will cause fear.
Stronger the attachment to survive, greater will be the fear.



Physical world does not exist as it appears.
Everything in the physical world is made up of molecules and atoms. Atoms are building block of “Everything”.
Atoms are essentially movement of energy in vast nothingness.
Everything is made up of vast nothingness with movement of energy in it.
There is one continuous field of energy stretching across the universe. This field represents time-space, mass-energy in one single continuum.



All experiences are caused by my interpretations.
Interpretations are memory patterns that act as a lens and create experience.



Like food, water and shelter, experience of joy and ecstasy is a fundamental human need.
When one lives in spontaneous experience of joy and ecstasy, the desire for sex and addiction drops.
Addiction is natural if the natural desire for joy is not fulfilled.



Joy arises when one appreciates and enjoys one’s own presence.
Joy is the function of participation.



To be alive means to be in action.
Inaction is also action – Karma.



To relax and be aware of the present moment is meditation.



To be is to be related.
Inherently, everything and everybody are connected, related and one at the source.
It is “Advaita” meaning It is “not two”.



Truth in language or words is a lie.
Ultimate truth is beyond language and silence.



In the modern world, media creates our shared reality, our thoughts and what we believe as real.
Politicians have control over media and in turn control over our shared reality and our everyday thinking.
Media does not report facts because there is nothing like facts.



Science is an objective enquiry in to the nature of world.
Science has reached a final stage to penetrate the interior of atoms and nothingness.
With control over the basic structure of atoms and nothingness, science will give control to mankind over the fundamental units that give rise to the world, life and everything associated with it.



99 % people cannot relate to pure presence. They don’t live in present moment.
Most people relate to their image, opinion and listening about everything, every situation and human beings around them.
Image, opinion, listening and reputation get created over a period of time through various interactions.
Your most powerful access into other person’s world is their listening or reputation about you.
Your listening and reputation is your responsibility.



Death is it is commonly understood is a cessation of bodily functions.
With improvement in our ability to enhance and continue bodily functions, death will be by choice.



The greatest force that controls the human beings thinking, feeling, behavior and action is HABIT.
For most people, habit is life.
Habit is a constant, unconscious, automatic recurring of patterns of thinking, doing, feeling, relationship, communications results and behavior.
Habit is strong force than fear, greed and any other natural forces. In fact, all so-called natural forces are learned habits.
Habits can be learned and unlearned.



Till the time one is identified with body, the health and state of body has profound effect of person’s mental and emotional state.
Health of the body is result of processes in mind.
Mind affects body and body in term affects mind in a complex and profound way.
Experience of health is at its peak when one is engaged and participating in life.



For most people, the mental and emotional state in present moment depends on the future they see for themselves. An exciting vision of future, creates a powerful and energetic present moment.
Such energetic present moment experience has to consistently sustained by creating exciting futures.



When one can accept, surrender and relax fully in present moment, the present moment is profoundly exciting in itself.
Total presence and merging with present moment is the beginning of liberation.
Present moment is the gate into eternity.