Hiten Bhuta is an extraordinary international business leader, hospitality technology expert & proven researcher with long track-record of outstanding skills & abilities.

Because of his excellent skills in the field of international business & hospitality technology, he has received sustained acclaim from senior leaders & technology experts.

Hiten is an also an author, technology entrepreneur and community leader.

Hiten has served as visiting faculty member at IIT-Bombay, Thakur Management Institution and several other institutions in India. After completing his B.E. in electronics from K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering in 1992, Hiten participated in post-graduate program at IIT-Bombay Shailesh Mehta SOM, IIM, Ahemdabad and leadership program by faculty from Harvard Business School.

In 1995, Hiten founded CGS Infotech – a company currently serving 5000 clients in 40 countries. CGS Infotech has partnership with tech companies such as Google, IBM, Godaddy. In Sept 2014, Hiten received Certificate Of Appreciation from Consulate General of United States for the contribution he has made to India-US trade and technology transfer.

Hiten is serving as National Committee Member for IT for India’s Premier Chamber of Commerce FICCI. He provides leadership for FICCI’s efforts towards Indo-Gulf trade. In May 2012, Hiten was invited to represent India & speak at Prestigious Indo-Arab Convention which was attended by foreign ministers and business leaders of top-10 Arab nations.

Hiten is founder and mentor for Sakar Trust which has facilitated over 12 senior citizen entertainment programs and donated resources to several NGOs for mid-day meal, child girl education and healthcare improvement. Sakar Trust has had positive impact on lives of almost 100,000 people.

Following paragraph lists some of the important milestones, Mr. Hiten Bhuta has achieved:

Awards From Prestigious Institution:

Hiten Bhuta has received several awards for his excellence and consistent contribution to the field of International Business & Hospitality Technology. Read More...


Leading Role In Distinguished Organization

Hiten Bhuta enjoys the privilege and honor of playing leading and critical role in five distinguished organization. His leading role has made a vital contribution to the success of these organizations. Read More


Major Media Reports

Global print and electronic media have published regular articles about Hiten Bhuta’s field of work related to International Business & Hospitality Technology. Over the last 2 decades, dozens of articles have appeared in professional and trade media.


Original Contribution & Innovation

Hiten Bhuta has made important and original contributions of major significance in the field of information technology & business management. Industry experts, news media and policy makers have consistently appreciated Mr. Bhuta’s expertise and contribution. His provisional patent is filed with the US Patent & Trademark Organization - USPTO.


Authorship of Scholarly Articles

Mr. Hiten Bhuta is innovative researcher, technology wizard & genius in clearly expressing thought-provoking ideas. He has authorized dozens of original technology and business-related articles and papers. His articles have appeared in major electronic and news media. He has also written three books and his book is available on Amazon.


Trustworthy Judge In Evaluating Business Leaders & Technology Ideas

Because of his long experience in the field of International Business and Information Technology, Hiten Bhuta is often requested to be a judge and panelist to evaluate the work of his peers and fellow business leaders & technology experts.


Membership In Associations

Hiten Bhuta is often invited to be distinguished member of leading associations that require outstanding achievement from members.. He is frequently nominated in exclusive position and leadership role at these important associations. Read More


Other Important Accomplishments:

Hiten has consistently achieved noteworthy accomplishments in various spheres. His ideas and work continues to make a major impact on the quality of life, business processes and technology innovation at hundreds of organizations.